Our Process

Shortening & Optimizing Your Sales Cycle

Our team takes your goals very seriously. When it comes to any of our services and anything marketing, you can rest assured that all your sales and marketing needs, and goals are in the right hands.

Our marketing approach is simple: “To create the shortest distance between a prospective client and your sales team.” In order to make that happen, we take only the necessary steps and always execute the marketing strategies you need as thoroughly and as efficiently as possible.


Find the who, what, when, where, and why behind your ideal prospects and their purchasing habits
Audience Analysis
Customer Acquisition & Insights (surveys/interviews)
Thorough research
Sales discovery
Analyze marketing conditions and objectives


Develop the right strategy and message to deliver to your ideal prospects at the best time and location
Goal setting
Content Strategy
Understanding Customer Journey
Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis KPI research


Build the powerhouse system that automates and accelerates marketing activities for maximum efficiency
Website Design
Marketing Automation
Team Automation Training


Get the exposure you want from the clients you want
Social Media
Paid and sponsored search
Content publishing


Turn website traffic into actionable sales leads to improve your sales funnel
Customer journey identification & optimization
Call to actions (CTAs)
A/B Testing
Lead Generation Offers


Grow the budding relationship with your new audience with customized messages that educate and inspire
Email marketing
Lead nurturing
Visitor retention strategy


Provide your sales team and client-facing employees with the tools they need to have meaningful conversations with customers at each step of their journey
Sales training and support
Pitch & content optimization
Advanced analytics
Connecting sales to content


Get feedback and look for areas in the cycle that can be improved
Results analysis
Marketing gap analysis
Goal review
Real-time reporting
Working with Vivify has been eye-opening regarding who are audience really is. What we thought for years was our audience was not the case. They've helped increase our inbound lead flow by 315% in less than 9 months while lowering our overall cost-per-acquisition.
Jamie ThompsonSVP of Call Center Success & Enablement Nationwide Insurance
Vivify 247-B2B marketing agency located in Boston, MA

Let’s talk. We’ll deliver.

Our team always starts by listening to you, your goals, and your objectives. Our focus is to ensure that we know exactly what you need and want, first and foremost. There are no preconceived notions or ideas regarding why, where, what, when, or how a marketing campaign should look. Once we speak with you, we streamline the campaign process and make it effective, easy, and productive.